How we helped Celebrity Cruises drive 198% more qualified organic visits

After one year of consistent execution, we helped Celebrity Cruises increase organic traffic to business-critical landing pages by approximately 198%. To do this, our teams collaboratively worked together and launched full-scale content marketing campaigns to win top SERP rankings for key cruising terms.

"Socratik has been an accountable and attentive partner for the two years that they have been supporting SEO for Celebrity Cruises. They consistently deliver results, and are truly a valuable asset to our team."
Alex Weintraub
Director of Search Marketing, Celebrity Cruises


Increase in organic traffic over 12 months


Backlinks earned through content marketing


Increase in average keyword ranking

Services Provided

Content Marketing, Technical SEO



The Client

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is a luxury cruises line which operates globally. Though Celebrity Cruises has a highly authoritative website which ranks well for thousands of revenue-generating keywords, the cruising industry is incredibly competitive. Alex, the Director of Search marketing at Celebrity  Cruises, understood this and reached out to Socratik for some additional SEO execution. 

The Challenge

Trouble breaking through in an ultra-competitive niche

SEO was not previously prioritized among other marketing channels, enabling competitors to surpass Celebrity Cruises in ranking for key terms.

The Solution

Targeted content marketing leads to increased domain authority and ranking

Through content marketing campaigns, Socratik aimed to strengthen the overall domain rating of, as well as increase the visibility of specific destination landing pages.

To increase Celebrity Cruises’ search market share, the Socratik team executed two crucial SEO strategies:

  1. Audit and fix technical SEO errors
    • When Socratik was brought on, there were thousands of technical SEO errors, making it difficult for Google’s crawlers to properly crawl and index the website.
    • Our team delivered and implemented a prioritized work plan that resolved the outstanding issues, greatly improving the website’s overall health.


  2. Develop and execute link building campaigns
    • With the technical SEO fixes in place, the Socratik team shifted focus to improving the authority of the website through content marketing, link-earning campaigns. 
    • Over the course of the year, 200 backlinks were earned, linking to business-critical landing pages.

The Results

Significant Organic Gains to Business-Critical Landing Pages

After a year of content marketing and link-earning efforts that targeted 35 landing pages, has increased search engine rankings.

From February 2019 to February 2020, we increased organic traffic to the following pages

+ 0 %
Italy Cruises
+ 0 %
Norway Cruises
+ 0 %
Puerto Rico Cruises
+ 0 %
Iceland Cruises

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